“Association of the chlor-alkali industry of the Russian Federation” (Association “RusChlor”)
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Association “RusChlor” was duly registered on September 26, 2005. Among its founders are all the leading chlorine producing companies of the Russian Federation, namely Volgograd Public Joint-Stock Company “Kaustik”, Sayansk Public Joint-Stock Company “Sayanskkhimplast”, Sterlitamak Public Joint-Stock Company “Kaustik”, Kemerovo Limited Liability Company “Khimprom”, Usol’e Sibirskoe Limited Liability Company “Usol’ekhimprom”, Novomoskovsk Public Joint-Stock Company “Azot”. Moscow Closed Joint-Stock Company “Russian Chlorine Safety Centre” is also a founder of RusChlor.

Among our members are representatives of a wide variety of industries including the chemical and pulp-and-paper ones, non-ferrous metallurgy, housing and communal services where tons of chlorine are daily circulating. Chlorine is a highly toxic chemical agent, which makes safety one of the vital necessities for each of our full and associate members.

We in RusChlor see its mission as being a communicative environment for the producers of chlorine, the Government, the society, and general public of the Russian Federation so that we could help in defending the vital interests of the chlorine industry, creating sound corporative technical rules and governmental regulations, putting the modern technologies and equipment into practice.

At the same time RusChlor will never engage to even a smallest extent into any commercial activity. RusChlor will not ever meddle in any matters connected to the business of its members either.

There are a lot of organizations abroad who are analogous to RusChlor in subject and mission. For instance, in 1924 the American producers, users, and consumers of chlorine united in an association. Now the Chlorine Institute amounts to more than 240 companies. Association of European chlor-alkali producers “Euro Chlor” that has been functioning since 1954 now unites as many as 80 companies operating all over the world in the markets related to chlorine. There are also similar NGOs successfully functioning on other continents, in Japan, Mexico, India, etc. Irrespective of whether they are geographically far from each other or not, they are the same in their mission which is to serve the national chlor-alkali industry in solving the problems of modernization of the technology, safety and accident prevention, preservation of the environment, wild-life conservation, and health protection. RusChlor is trying hard to become a match for them.   


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