“Association of the chlor-alkali industry of the Russian Federation” (Association “RusChlor”)
About annual meeting of World Chlorine Council in Moscow
This year’s annual meeting of World Chlorine Council was held in Moscow this October.


In cooperation with World Chlorine Council (WCC) Association "RusChlor" held International Sustainability Workshop called the "Russian Day" on the premises of Moscow five-star hotel "Baltschug Kempinski" in the hotel’s conference-hall "Moscow" on Thursday October 11, 2012. All the Workshop’s work has been pivoted on the central issue of interaction between the chlor-alkali industry, on the one hand, and the government including the various supervising bodies, on the other hand. The said issue was addressed so that both the problems faced by the Russian chlor-alkali industry and the decisions taken by the industry in tackling the problems should be compared with the ways the same or at least analogous problems were being dealt with in the countries represented in WCC. There were eighty nine people participating in the workshop who represented the industrial, scientific, and regulatory organizations both Russian and foreign.

World Chlorine Council was represented by specialists from the world's biggest chlor-alkali producers such as Solvay, Bayer, DOW Chemical, Occidental Chemical to name just a few of them as well as by the experts from the regional and national associations of the chlor-alkali industry from all over the world. Thus, there were representatives of Japan Soda Industry Association, China Chlor-Alkali Industry Association, Clorosur, Korean Chlor-Alkali Industry Association, Euro Chlor, Chlorine Institute, Cefic, American Chemistry Council (Chlorine Chemistry Division), and Canadian Chlorine Chemistry Division participating in the Workshop.

The Russian Federation was represented at the Workshop by the top managers of the Russian cglor-alkali production facilities as well as by the top-level officials of the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service, Federal Service for Ecological, Technological, and Atomic Supervision, and the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Russian Federation.

Volgograd Open Joint-Stock Company "Kaustik" and Group "Bashkhim" have made up the main sponsors of the Sustainability Workshop.

It is worth categorizing the themes of all the presentations delivered at the Workshop into the following blocks: "State Regulation of the Toxicologically Risky and Energy-Intensive Production Facilities and its Impact on the Chlor-alkali Industry’s Competitiveness", "International Practices at Converting the chlor-alkali production facilities from the Mercury cathode Electrolysis into the Membrane one", "Transport Rail and Road", and "Disinfection of Water with the use of Chlorine in Russia and Abroad".

President and Executive Director of Association "RusChlor" Messrs Eldor Azizov and Boris Yagud also made presentations at the "Russian Day"

Supplements: Photoreport on the Workshop.

State Dmitry Shostakovich string QUARTET

Conference-hall (1234)

Ivanov V.P., President of the "Russian Chemists` Union"

Steel Alistair (12), Executive Director "World Chlorine Council"

Azizov E.E. (123), President of the Association "RusChlor", General Director LLC "Nicokhim" (Moscow), JSC "Kaustik" (Volgograd)

Jagud B.J. (1234), Executive Director of the Association "RusChlor"

van Wijk Dolf, the Association "Euro Chlor"

Sosuke Matsushima, Japan Soda Industry Association

Martim Afonso Penna, Clorosur

Debelle Jean-Pol, the Association "Euro Chlor"

Fast Shane, The Chlorine Institute

Girla Brahma Swamp (12), Alkali Manufacturers` Association of India

Verlinden Jos, Cefic

Pauwels Marleen, the Association "Euro Chlor"

Nordgren Judith, ACC`s Chlorine Chemistry Division

Ostrowski Mary, ACC`s Chlorine Chemistry Division

Davljaterova R.A., JSC "SRC VODGEO"

Vershinin S.J., Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation

Baranov M.V., LLC "Nicokhim" (Moscow)

Treger J.A., LLC "SRC "Sintez" (Moscow)

Conference (123

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