“Association of the chlor-alkali industry of the Russian Federation” (Association “RusChlor”)
Asahi Kasei Chlor-Alkali Conference

There was held an international conference by Japan company Asahi Kasei in Dusseldorf, in Germany on October 30 through 31, 2019. The conference addressed the issues faced in the field of chlor-alkali electrolysis.

There attended the conference more than 160 people there representing various countries of the world including Japan, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Canada, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan.

The Russian team counted 16 people summoned from both Association “RusChlor” and some of its member-companies mostly those who were manufacturing chlorine in Russia.

 Here are the names of the aforesaid RusChlor’s member-companies: Volgograd JSC “Kaustik”, LLC “RVL”, LLC “Novomoskovskij Khlor”, LLC “HaloPolymer”. There was also represented an equipment maker in the team. Its name is LLC “ZKhO ‘ZARYA”.

There was provided at the RusChlor’s assistance the service of the simultaneous translation from Russian into English and visa versa to the Russian attendees at the conference. Executive Director of Association “RusChlor” delivered a speech at the conference aimed at giving the audience an impression of the RusChlor's activities. In so doing D-r Yagud has featured those of the Russian chlor-alkali production facilities that were operating the Asahi Kasei – made electrolyzers.

There were heard the Asahi Kasei employees’ reports at the conference on the company’s activities that has been carried out in the field of the chlor-alkali electrolysis since the year 1975 when the company put into the commercial operation the ion-exchange membranes of its own production for the first time.Since that time Asahi Kasei has been staying a clear leader in the technology of the membrane electrolysis owing to the company’s continuous efforts to improve both the membranes’ design and the chlor-alkali electrolysis performance including its energy-efficiency.The superiority of the chlor-alkali production process marketed by Asahi Kasei over all the available analogs has been acknowledged all over the world. Suffice it to notice in this connection that the production facilities that are running the Asahi Kasei – made membranes account for the combined production capacity in excess of 30 million metric tones a year in the caustic soda.

In witness of the said above the representatives of the facilities that are using the Asahi Kasei – made membranes prized highly in their presentations made at the conference the experience that the said facilities had gathered in cooperation with the company.

After the conference had been officially closed its arrangers conducted a few talks with the company's concerned clients on the future perspectives of the mutual cooperation.

Programme of the Conference

The hall of the conference

Executive Director of Association “RusChlor” Boris Yagud is delivering a Speech (at the assistance of an interpreter)

Managing Executive, Senior General Manager at the Ion Exchange Membranes Division of Asahi Kasei Corporation Teruhiko Yoshizawa

 and Executive Director of Association “RusChlor” Boris Yagud


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