“Association of the chlor-alkali industry of the Russian Federation” (Association “RusChlor”)

Association of Russian Chlor-Alkali Industry “RusChlor” is hereby having an honor to invite you to participate in the RusChlor-held Thirteenth International Technology Conference entitled “Chlorine and its derivatives 2019”.  The conference will be held in Moscow at the conference hall of “Baltschug Kempinski” hotel on April 9 through 10, 2019.

It is customary to discuss at the RusChlor’s international conferences both the future development trends of and key-problems faced by the chlor-alkali industries in Russia, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, and Armenia. We expect that most of the prominent Russian and foreign engineering companies, scientific organizations, producers of equipment and instruments who are currently dealing with chlorine will take part in the conference along with all the Russian chlor-alkali producers.

In composing the programme for the conference we aimed mostly at staging a proper discussion of the feasible development options available for the chlor-alkali industry. Therefore the programme will consist of the following major blocks of themes:

  1. The national development strategy and future development trends for the chlor-alkali industry The design engineering solutions applied, construction projects carried out, and operating experience gathered in creating the brand-new chlor-alkali production facilities.
  2. The raw commodities, modern materials, equipment, and instruments that are offered and available to the chlor-alkali industry.
  3. Modern practice of the liquid chlorine transportation over rail in bulk with the use of the railroad tanker cars or tank-containers.
  4. The Best Available Techniques (BAT) concept and its implications for the chlor-alkali industry. Current Outcomes vs Perspectives.

Contact persons: Ms. Irene Andreeva, Ms. Yulya Chistyakova.

Phone: + 7 (495) 742-88-42,  742-88-40; +7(499) 999-02-58

Fax: +7(495) 742-88-40

E-mail info@ruschlor.ru

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