“Association of the chlor-alkali industry of the Russian Federation” (Association “RusChlor”)
                               Dear colleagues,

Association “RusChlor” is hereby having both the honor and pleasure to introduce 
to you a new associate member in RusChlor. This is LLC “INNOFORMULA”.

LLC “INNOFORMULA” has been operating in the Russian market since the year 2012. 
As of now the company makes up for one of the leaders in the glued plastic 
piping systems sector.

The company's core business is mostly made up by the manufacture of the pipes as 
such, pipe fittings, and stop valves out of UPVC and CPVC as well as supply of 
the products so that they would be used in the industry including in the water 
treatment one. In so doing, the company manufactures at its production 
facilities located in both Russia and Europe the glued PVC both pipes and 
flexible hoses making up for rather a wide nomenclature list under the company’s 
own trademark of Aquademic®, which both makes the company the only Russian 
manufacturer of pipes out of CPVC of the Corzan® grade and allows INNOFORMULA to 
keep the prices that the company is asking for its products of the world-highest 
quality at an unparallel low level.
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