“Association of the chlor-alkali industry of the Russian Federation” (Association “RusChlor”)
The latest newcomer to Association "RusChlor"

Dear colleagues,

Meet the newest member in Association "RusChlor":

Limited Liability Company

“Research and Production Company ‘INKRAM”, Moscow, the Russian Federation


SPC “INKRAM” is a leading company out of those Russian ones who deal in the gas analyzers and gas analytical systems to be built into various industrial safety related systems on a turnkey basis which involves designing, manufacturing, and assembling the equipment at the very least.

The company’s extremely impressive reference list of fulfilled projects includes the following most important ones:

  • multichannel gas analytical systems for the safety control systems of the Fire/ Explosion Hazardous Installations at the chemical industry facilities;
  • automated systems for round-the-clock monitoring the chemically hazardous objects in Moscow and other regions of the Russian Federation;
  • automated systems for controlling the breakthrough waves at a few Hydroelectric Power Stations.

To those of the company’s clients including the prospective ones who is either producing or consuming chlorine, SPC "INKRAM" offers the automatic systems that can be used in both monitoring the chlorine and liquidating the chlorine wave. The projects of that kind have been in particular introduced into practice on the premises of JSC “Sayanskkhimplast, Bratsk branch business of JSC “ILIM Group”, LLC "Skoropuskovskij Sintez", and Kemerovo LLC “Khimprom”.

In close cooperation with LLC “SPA ‘TC” SPC "INKRAM" has developed an automated monitoring system capable of tracking the freights of liquid chlorine.

The company is now developing the control instruments to be used in control of the hydrogen content of chlorine.

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