“Association of the chlor-alkali industry of the Russian Federation” (Association “RusChlor”)

Dear colleagues,


Association "RusChlor" is hereby having both pleasure and honor to introduce to you its new associate member-company. It’s “TRANSCHEMICAL express”.

The company’s specialty field is made up by shipment of the hazardous chemical substances including such alkalis, acids, and salts. TRANSCHEMICAL express does its business in the Russian Federation spanning its Southern and Volga Federal

Districts. The company is also active in Byelorussia and Kazakhstan.

In so doing, the company operates its own fleet of trucks and movable tare of various capacities allowing it to ship in particular the nitric, sulphyric, hydrochloric, and ortho-phosphoric acids as well as the water solutions of the

caustic soda (46 percent-strong), sodium hypochlorite, ammonia, aluminum oxychloride, and ferric chloride.

“TRANSCHEMICAL express” also operates its own industrialized site / hub equipped with the following intertwined pieces of infrastructure:

  * a branch railway line / siding making it possible for the company easily and

    strict on schedule receive products from the manufacturer's works located in

    Volgograd, Novomoskovsk, Dzerzhinsk as well as many other cities in both

    Russia and CIS;

  * the warehousing facility adequate enough to process all the nomenclature of

    the chemical products being shipped; the company is in particular endowed

    with the caustic warming equipment, which makes it possible for

    TRANSCHEMICAL express to carry out shipments of caustic strict on the

    schedule not only in the summer but in the winter times as well;

  * the vehicle repair depot;

  * the technological workshop endowed with a built in design & construction


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