“Association of the chlor-alkali industry of the Russian Federation” (Association “RusChlor”)

Dear colleagues,

Association “RusChlor” is hereby having both the honor and pleasure to introduce to you a new associate member in RusChlor. This is JSC "Krastsvetmet".

Krastsvetmet currently makes up for one of the world biggest manufacturers of both the precious metals and products of them. The constituent entity of the Russian Federation of Krasnoyarsk Kraij owns 100% of the Krastsvetmet’s stock. The company had been incorporated within the period from 1939 to 1943. In so doing the first consignment of the refined both platinum and palladium was manufactured on March 23, 1943. That date has been widely considered the Krastsvetmet’s date of establishment.

The company’s refining division is manufacturing the precious metals in yjr commercial bars, granulas, powder, and chemical compounds. In so doing the Krastsvetmet-made precious metal commercial bars has been included into the Good Delivery List (high quality shipments) at the venues of an international standing. The Krastsvetmet’s content of the overall production output in the precious metals in the Russian Federation accounts for 97 percent for the platinum group metals, 60 percent for gold, and 47 percent for silver.

In so doing the Krastsvetmet’s Jewellery division manufactures the chains and bracelets of the machine-made chain. Every fifth golden chain of those manufactured in the Russian Federation was actually manufactured by Krastsvetmet for the year 2021, which adds up to 8 tons of various jewelry.

The Krastsvetmet’s Industry Solutions Division in its turn currently developes and modernizing the technologies for the industry while realizing the full cycle of production design in their manufacturing the following B2B products: the catalyst systems, stream feeder assemblies, standard test bars, LABWARE, and precious metal chemical mixtures.

In its functioning the company sticks to the Open Innovation Principle and invites the third parties’ expertise to participate in solving the business tasks based on the company's R&D pool which makes up for a venue for cooperation of science, business, and manufacturing. In so doing, the obvious examples of the said third parties are made up by the research institutes and innovative companies. The Krastsvetmet’s own technologies and know-how make it possible for the company to process most the raw material be it the mineral or recyclable one.


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