“Association of the chlor-alkali industry of the Russian Federation” (Association “RusChlor”)

Dear colleagues,

It's our both pleasure and honor to introduce to you the RusChlor's newest associate member LLC “Bio Plast” t.m. HELYX.


LLC “Bio Plast” t.m. HELYX is an industrial development and construction company. It constitutes a leading manufacturer of pipes, reservoirs, road tankers, and some other technological equipment out of the composite materials. The company has been operating over the whole sovereign territory of the Russian Federation since the year 2007. As of now, the company’s major industrial facilities are located in the Tver, Lenungrad, and Sverdlovsk Regions as well as in Republic of Crimea and Primorsky Territory.


Apart from manufacturing things out of the polymer composite materials the company offers to its customers the design-and-engineering, construction, and erection works on creation of the utility systems and industrial equipment designed to be operated in transportation of the liquids and gases, water treatment, sanitation as well as in warehousing and processing various media.

LLC “Bio Plast” t.m. HELYX has been engaged for more than 6 years in shipment of equipment to the industrial facilities. It is worth mentioning among the types of the equipment being shipped by the company the reservoirs, reactors, scrubbers, absorbers, exhaust ducts, pipes, road tankers, etc. The vast and diverse experience gathered by the company in manufacturing the products of various purpose as well as the products’ both reliability and durability make it possible for the company to meet the tight requirements of the leading customer companies both private and governmental.

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