“Association of the chlor-alkali industry of the Russian Federation” (Association “RusChlor”)

Dear colleagues,

I am hereby having a pleasure to introduce to you all a new associate member in Association “RusChlor” LLC “Zirax”.

Multinational company “Zirax" is an integrated developer and manufacturer of the chemical products based on the synthetic calcium chloride, magnesium, sodium, calcium carbonate, as well as both the synthetic acids and their derivatives.

The geographical distribution of the multinational company “Zirax” business activities spans Russia, CIS, Europe both the Eastern and Western one, the Northern and Southern Americas, Africa, and the Middle East.

LLC “Zirax” sales its products to more than 500 clients scattered all over the world. In so doing Zirax provides the quality products for the growing up world oil & gas market, highway services, commercial clients, private consumers, and industrial facilities.

LLC “Zirax” manages the manufacturing plants and storage capacity in Russia and the Western European countries that are enough for making it possible for Zirax to real-time cater for the highway servicing companies and municipal clients in the winter season so that they would get the modern-day thawing chemicals having been manufactured based on the synthetic calcium chloride and sodium chloride on time and in accordance with their necessities.

Zirax spells the complex solutions in the field of both killing and intensifying the influx of a hydrocarbon well, which includes selection of an optimal set of the high-purity oilfield well-killing fluids of various densities, development and pumping-in of the complex acidic compositions based on the synthetic hydrochloric acid so as to provide for the influx of the hydrocarbon wells. The company’s both the state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled engineers make it possible for Zirax to perform at the highest quality standards the squeeze-cementing works and other oil and gas development service.

Zirax also provides for the dietary supplements based on the synthetic high-purity calcium chloride for brewing and cheese making enterprises, solutions applicable to the household problems at urban and rural environments, and the high-tech household products.


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