“Association of the chlor-alkali industry of the Russian Federation” (Association “RusChlor”)
Ruschlor’s participation in wcc annual meeting

Association "RusChlor" participated on October 15 through 17, 2014 in the annual 2014 meeting of World Chlorine Council.

The meeting's events were mostly held in the conference rooms of The Houstonian Hotel in Houston, Texas, USA.

Nevertheless, in keeping with the meeting’s programme the Russian chlor-alkali industry representatives visited technological cluster Baytown Park run by German company Bayer Material Science AG. The industrial complex is situated on the outskirts of Baytown near Houston and is said to be the Bayer’s biggest chemical plant in the whole region comprising the North America, Canada, and Mexico. In addition to that the participants in the WCC meeting also visited the nearby site of an American packager company affiliated to DXI Industries Inc. The said site is situated in a Houston suburb. The company in question is amongst the biggest American ones engaged in packaging the liquid and gaseous chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, sulfur dioxide, and anhydrous ammonia. DXI Industries Inc. also distributes the chemical products to consumers the biggest and most important of which being made up by the water treatment stations. The company also provides the water treatment stations with the specialized warehousing services. The visit to the aforesaid two facilities functioning actually within the territory of a national nature reserve has stirred a great interest among the Russian delegation.

The Russian specialists consider the hearings of so called “Regional Updates” the second-in-importance action of all those on the WCC’s meeting’s programme. The updates were delivered at the WCC’s General Assembly by the representatives of the national and/ or regional chlor-alkali associations making up the World Chlorine Council. Along with his colleagues representing the chlor-alkali industry associations of various countries and regions of the world, Executive Director of Association “RusChlor” Boris Yagud made a presentation depicting both the current state and foreseeable changes in the situation of the Russian chlor-alkali industry, after which Mr. Yagud answered the listeners’ many questions.

The Russian delegation attended the meeting’s all administrative sessions including the following ones: Discussion of both the budget execution performance within the reporting period and the budget proposals put forth in regard to the next year, appointment of chairs to WCC's both the Working Groups and Secretariat, and determination of both the rendezvous and timing for the next year’s WCC’s annual meeting

In participating in the WCC’s meeting’s events including the protocol ones, the Executive Director of Association “RusChlor” conducted a few bilateral negotiations with his counterparts from the United States, Canada, China, India, Europe, and Latin America. In so doing there were discussed there the issues of the production technology, transportation and use of chlorine, caustic soda, and their derivatives as well as the issues related to the prospective modernization of the Russian chlor-alkali industry, technical regulation, and technical policy carried out by the Russian government.

As of now both the RusChlor’s experts and its Executive Board of Directors are busy sorting out the various deliberations about the information gathered at the WCC's annual meeting in Houston. Nevertheless, there will be published pretty soon on the RusChlor’s web-Site other materials linked to the aforesaid meeting of both the analytical and lookthrough character. In the meantime you can download all the said handouts in English including all the so called Regional Reports.





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