“Association of the chlor-alkali industry of the Russian Federation” (Association “RusChlor”)
The Association "RusChlor" - member of the "World Chlorine Council"

Association "RusChlor" has been admitted into WORLD CHLORINE COUNCIL with the rights of a full member.  There was conducted a solemn ceremony of admitting RusChlor into the full members of WCC in Moscow on October 11, 2012. Mr. Alistair Steel the Executive Director of WCC and Mr. Boris Yagud the Executive Director of RusChlor signed the Certificate of Membership on behalf of correspondingly WCC and RusChlor. Association "RusChlor" has been cooperating with WCC for rather a long time. Therefore, the formal application filed by RusChlor for full membership in World Chlorine Council was duly considered and approved by the WCC Management Committee on its face-to-face meeting in Moscow on October 10, 2012. As Executive Director WCC Mr. Alistair Steel puts it, as Association "RusChlor" has fully satisfied all the WCC membership criteria, it should be given a decent position among the other full members of the federation.

World Chlorine Council has been awarded an official status of a NGO accredited at UN and as such WCC is now being widely considered an official voice of the world chlor-alkali industry at various international forums and by various organizations at the international level. Another important thing about WCC is that most national and regional associations of both the chlor-alkali and VCM industries make up such members in WCC that are actively participating in its work.

The major lines of the WCC activity have been outlined as follows:1. WCC shall try to participate in all the international forums that are expected to have a global impact on the decision making process in the fields of stewardship, technical regulation, and advocacy. In so doing, WCC shall coordinate the process of providing the key stockholders with the technical and legal information in such a way as to maneuver the decision makers into avoiding such decisions that could unjustifiably harm the interests of the world chlor-alkali industry.2. WCC shall facilitate every effort in the world to improve the performance of both the chlor-alkali industry and all its co-industries including the transportation, use, and processing of chlorine under the safety and sustainability criteria so that the major attention should be devoted to the practical techniques.3. WCC shall demonstrate the continuousness of improvements in the chlorine chemistry’s sustainability performance to all the stakeholders and the general public.4. WCC as a whole and all its members shall effectively communicate with each other so as to exchange and disseminate the scientific knowledge and information on the chlorine chemistry benefits. All the regional and national chlor-alkali industry associations that are members in WCC are being regularly informed on the progress towards the aforesaid WCC goals.


1. List of members in WCC

2. WCC Membership Certificate drawn in the name of Association "RusChlor"

3. Photographs taken at the signing procedure


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